Boost Instagram Engagement With These 5 Strategies

boosting instagram engagement

Social media can feel like screaming into the void sometimes, but there are proven strategies to get your followers engaging more with your brand on Instagram.

In this article, we’ll explore seven tactics you can start using today to boost engagement. From running giveaways to leveraging hashtags, these techniques will get your audience liking, commenting, and sharing your posts in no time.

Get ready to turn your Instagram from a ghost town into a bustling digital community!

1. Host Giveaways and Contests to Increase Instagram Engagement

We’ve written an in-depth guide on Instagram Giveaways 101, with all the details you need to run successful giveaway campaigns. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Build Hype by Announcing the Giveaway in Advance

Start promoting your giveaway a week or two ahead of time to build excitement. Share details on the prizes and how to enter to get people eager to participate. Be active in responding to questions and comments to keep followers engaged during the lead-up.

Choose Prizes Your Followers Will Love

The giveaway prizes should be something your target audience would genuinely want. Here are some ideas for giveaways.

Offering products from your brand or industry is an easy choice. You could also do a gift card to allow winners to pick out something they really want.

Keep Entry Simple but Encourage Sharing

The easier you make it to enter, the more participants you’ll get. However, you also want to encourage sharing and engagement. Requiring something like following you, liking the giveaway post, and tagging a few friends is a good balance.

Announce the Winners With Fanfare

Once the contest closes, choose the winner using an Instagram giveaway picker tool like RaffleKey and announce the winners with an upbeat post congratulating them.

Be sure to tag the winners and ask them to also share that they won to increase visibility. People will be more inclined to enter future giveaways if they see you actually reward participants.

Follow Up and Stay Engaged With Contestants

Reach out to the winners to get shipping info for any physical prizes. But also engage with non-winners by thanking them for entering and encouraging them to participate in your next giveaway. This helps followers feel appreciated and builds their loyalty to your brand.

The fact that 51 percent of brands respond to customers emphasizes the significance of Instagram giveaways even more. With an exciting prize, simple entry, and proper follow-up, hosting an Instagram giveaway is a proven way to boost engagement and gain new dedicated followers. Why not give it a try? Your followers will thank you!

2. Encourage User-Generated Content With Hashtags

Hashtags are a simple way to spark engagement and encourage your followers to post their own content. Launch a hashtag campaign and ask people to share photos or stories using a specific hashtag. For example, if you’re an outdoor clothing brand, start a #AdventureReady hashtag and ask people to share their adventures.

Come Up With a Catchy Hashtag

Choose a short, memorable hashtag that’s related to your brand or a current campaign. For the best results, avoid overused hashtags like #love or #happy. Brainstorm options and check to see if your desired hashtag is already in use. You want one that’s unique to your brand.

Promote Your Hashtag Everywhere

Share your hashtag on your profile, in your posts, in your email newsletter, and anywhere else your followers will see it. Explain what you want people to post and share some examples to get them inspired. The more you promote it, the more people will participate.

Engage With People Who Use Your Hashtag

Search for your hashtag and like, comment on, and repost photos or stories from your followers. Not only does this boost engagement for them, but it also motivates others to share in hopes that you’ll engage with their posts too. Engage with user-generated content as much as possible to keep the momentum going.

Offer an Incentive (optional)

If participation starts to dwindle, consider offering a prize or discount code for the best posts. For example, you might offer a gift card or free product to the person with the most likes on their hashtagged post that week. Incentives are a great way to breathe new life into your hashtag campaign and motivate more people to get involved.

With an engaging hashtag, promotion, interaction, and maybe an incentive, you’ll have people eagerly posting and engaging with your brand in no time. And all that user-generated content and engagement will give your Instagram profile a nice boost!

instagram stories

3. Go Live or Post Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories and live videos are a great way to boost engagement on Instagram. Stories only last 24 hours, so your followers know they have to check them quickly before they disappear. Going live is thrilling for viewers because they never know what might happen!

Use Stories to give your followers a “behind-the-scenes” look at your brand. Share fun photos and short videos of your team at work, new products in development, or your office dog. These casual glimpses make your brand seem more authentic and relatable. Viewers can also message you with questions during a live video, which makes them feel like part of the action.

When you go live or add to your Stories, be sure to mention that you’re doing it to increase engagement with your followers. Let them know their likes, comments, and messages are appreciated. This makes them more inclined to interact with your posts.

Consider hosting a contest or giveaway through your Stories. For example, offer a prize to the first few people who message you the correct answer to a trivia question. Or, swipe up to enter to win a free product sample. Contests drive people to actively participate with your brand.

Hashtag campaigns are also popular on Stories. Come up with a catchy hashtag related to your brand and encourage people to use it when they share a photo of your product on their own Story. This boosts brand awareness and may earn you new followers. Repost some of your favorites to your own Story to show your appreciation.

Keep your Stories and live videos under 2 minutes so they stay interesting. Mix up the types of content you share and be authentic. Using these interactive features on Instagram is a surefire way to boost engagement and build a loyal follower base.

4. Collaborate With Influencers

Working with influencers in your niche is a great way to increase engagement and expand your reach on Instagram. Micro-influencers, in particular, have highly engaged followings and are often open to collaborations.

Reach Out to Relevant Influencers

Do some research to find influencers whose content and audience match well with your brand. When you reach out, be specific about why you think a collaboration would be mutually beneficial. Explain your goals and ideas for how you could work together. Many influencers are open to different types of collaborations like:

  • Product reviews: Send the influencer free product samples to feature on their Instagram feed. This exposes their followers to your brand in an authentic way.
  • Brand ambassadorships: Forge an ongoing relationship with an influencer to frequently promote your products over time. This long-term collaboration can be very impactful.
  • Giveaway collaborations: Team up with an influencer to offer a giveaway contest to their followers. This boosts engagement and gets more eyes on your brand.

Make the Collaboration Authentic

Once you find an interested influencer, work with them behind the scenes to ensure the collaboration feels authentic and natural. Give them creative freedom to style and photograph your products in their own unique way. Their followers will appreciate that the post reflects the influencer’s personal style versus seeming overly promotional.

Cross-Promote for Maximum Impact

Don’t stop at just one post. Cross-promote the collaboration on both your Instagram feed and the influencer’s to maximize impact. Like and comment on each other’s posts. Mention each other on your Instagram Stories. Share behind-the-scenes clips of your collaboration to give followers an inside look at the partnership.

Building authentic relationships with influencers in your industry is a key strategy for boosting Instagram engagement over the long run. When done well, these collaborations become a win-win by raising awareness and excitement around your brand. Follow these tips and you’ll be collaborating like a pro in no time!

5. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Your Instagram profile is your chance to make a great first impression. Follow these tips to optimize your profile and boost engagement:

Use an Eye-Catching Profile Photo

Choose a high-quality, close-up photo of your brand logo or product. This helps visually represent your business and makes you more recognizable to followers.

Write an Engaging Bio

Keep your bio to 2 short sentences that capture your brand essence. For example, “Stylish and affordable clothing for the modern woman. New collections launching each season.” Include a call-to-action like “Shop now” or “Learn more.”

Showcase Your Products

Select 9 high-quality photos to display as a grid in your profile. Feature your best-selling or most visually interesting products. This gives new visitors a snapshot of what you offer and entices them to tap to learn more.

Add a Contact Button

Make it easy for people to get in touch by adding buttons for your website, email list signup, or online shop. For example, “Visit our website” or “Sign up for 15% off your first order.”

hashtag strategy

Use Strategic Hashtags

Include a few popular hashtags related to your brand in your bio, like #clothing #fashion #style. This makes you more discoverable to people searching those hashtags. However, don’t overdo it—3 to 5 well-chosen hashtags are ideal.

Optimizing these elements is key to making a memorable first impression, building brand awareness, and driving more engagement and traffic to your profile. Review and refresh your profile regularly to keep it up-to-date and aligned with your current marketing initiatives. A strong profile is essential for Instagram success!


So there you have it – 5 awesome strategies to boost your Instagram engagement and connect with your followers. The key is getting creative, providing value, and making real connections.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of content and incentives. Giveaways, user-generated content, and behind-the-scenes peeks are just a few ways to get your audience invested. Stay consistent, optimize your hashtags, and engage with your community.

Growing an organic, active following takes time and effort, but it’s so worth it. Imagine all the great connections and brand advocates you’ll gain. So grab your phone, get snapping, and start boosting your Instagram engagement today!

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