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Features & Process

Automate & customize your Winner Selection.

Tired of manually selecting winners for Instagram and other social media giveaways? RaffleKey simplifies your giveaway process.

With our customizable rules, you can tailor your validation process to ensure that participants meet your specific criteria before picking winners. You can also download comments and other data related to your giveaway for future reference. This way, you can keep a record of your giveaways and use that data to improve future campaigns.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually picking winners and use RaffleKey to simplify your giveaway process.

1. Select Posts

Select the posts from your account where you've asked followers to engage. You can select one post or multiple posts where you've announced the giveaway.

2. Set Criteria

Define whether you want entrants to complete specific tasks to qualify. For example, you might ask them to Comment & tag 3 of their friends.

3. Select Winner

RaffleKey selects a random winner based on the criteria defined in the earlier step. Our mathematical formula for randomness ensures fairness.

4. Announce & Certify

Announce the winner directly from RaffleKey and include a link to the Winner's page. You can also generate a certificate to share on social media.

User feedback

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Instagram giveaway picker is a tool that is used to run and pick the winner from the Instagram giveaway contest. It makes use of an algorithm to pick the most suitable and random winner.

There are a lot of ways of randomly selecting a winner. You can go for old school manual selection of the winner which is cumbersome in practice. The most advanced method is to take the help of the Instagram giveaway picker toolto select the random winner legitimately.

There are many free tools available in the market. The most trusted and well-established is the RaffleKey Instagram giveaway picker tool. This easy tool lets you pick the most deserving winner legitimately and fairly in simple steps without the biases of the human mind.

Winners are declared once the contest runs and the promised hour of results has arrived. The Instagram giveaway picker tool will pick up the winner as soon you give it the command to declare winners.

Yes you can but the condition is the participant should be legitimate and should have complied with all the rules and procedures otherwise the picker tool will reject the participant as afalse entry.

RaffleKey is an online app that helps you with managing your Instagram giveaway contest. The built-in tool is employed to pick up the winner among the eligible contestants. The process starts with selecting a post where you have talked about the giveaway to setting the criteria and using the picker tool to select the winner. The process culminates with the announcement of the winner.

RaffleKey does have a free component and it has affordable plansfor giveaways of all sizes. Plans range from absolutely free for small giveaways to creator and brand plans that come with paid options for larger giveaways.

Absolutely! You can customize the giveaway rules on RaffleKey. You can draft rules according to your suitability and convenience. The more simpler the rules the more simpler it will be for participants to enter.