Valentine’s Day Instagram Giveaway Strategies For A Successful Campaign

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means brands and businesses are starting to brainstorm creative ways to engage with customers during this holiday of love. One effective technique that has become increasingly popular is running an Valentine’s day Instagram giveaway or contest. Giveaways are a great way to boost engagement, gain new followers, promote your products, and spread brand awareness. With over 2 billion users Instagram is the 5th largest social media platform worldwide and that makes it an important platform to grow and market.

Ingredients for a Successful Valentine’s Day Instagram Giveaway Campaign

A successful campaign on Instagram will require time tested and innovative ingredients when it comes to enhanced and widen the reach. However, running a successful Instagram giveaway requires strategic planning and execution. Follow these tips to help create a winning Valentine’s Day Instagram giveaway your audience will love:

Choose the Right Prize

The first key step is deciding on a prize that will excite and incentivize your target audience. Consider tying the prize to your brand in some way. For example, a jewelry company could offer a heart-shaped necklace while a bakery could award a Valentine’s Day gift basket filled with treats. 

Make sure the prize is valuable enough to get attention but also affordable enough to purchase multiple quantities if you plan to have more than one winner. Offering a high-demand prize increases the likelihood of higher engagement. An experience-related prize could also work well, like a romantic dinner for two. 

Set Clear Contest Rules 

Once you’ve determined the prize, establish official rules for your giveaway. Specify the exact dates and times the contest will run for. Define who is eligible to enter – just followers or anyone who comes across the post. Outline how users can enter, whether it’s by tagging friends, liking the post, following your account, etc. 

Make sure to state any other conditions like a mandatory hashtag or age requirement. Having clearly defined rules from the start prevents confusion down the line. This information should all be included in the initial giveaway announcement post as well as on any other promotional materials.

Leverage Instagram Features

Take full advantage of Instagram’s features when structuring your giveaway. Use Instagram Stories and live videos to reveal the prize and announce the winner. Ask followers to tag friends directly on your post and share the giveaway in their own Stories. 

Leveraging features like polls and questions can also garner added engagement. You may also want to create a clickable link in your bio directing users to an official landing page with giveaway details. 

Promote And Market Your Idea

Marketing your Instagram giveaway idea for Valentine’s Day both on and off the platform is crucial for driving awareness. Post consistently leading up to and throughout the contest duration. Utilize Instagram ads to get more eyes on the prize. Promote the giveaway through your email list and other social channels. 

Run a teaser campaign in the days before launching the official rules to build anticipation. Keep the momentum going by posting reminders, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, and encouragement for followers to enter. Think outside the box and partner with influencers or other brands to expand the reach. Promotion is key to getting those entries rolling in.

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Hashtag Strategy 

Strategic hashtag usage provides discoverability. Include a branded hashtag like #ValentinesWith[YourBrand] in addition to generic hashtags like #giveaway, #sweepstakes, #contest. Research related hashtags around love, Valentine’s Day gifts, relationships, etc. Be wary of Instagram giveaway terms and conditions while running any hashtag campaign.

Encourage entrants to use your branded hashtag for added user-generated content. Just be wary of banned hashtags or those with low volume. Strike a balance between branded and popular hashtags to maximize visibility.

Simplify the Entry Process 

The easier you make an entry, the more engagement your giveaway will receive. Pick 1-2 clear ways for followers to enter like tagging friends, liking the post, or sharing on their Story. Avoid convoluted rules that require too many hoops to jump through. You want as many people participating as possible.

Also, use a third-party app like Rafflekey to collect and organize entries if you anticipate a very high volume. These types of platforms help simplify entry management so you can pick random winners and expedite the selection process. Removing friction is the name of the game. Always use the Instagram giveaway picker to select the winner to make the contest more legitimate.

Engage & Communicate with Followers

Running an Instagram giveaway is about building community. Engage with everyone who enters by replying to comments and thanking people for tagging their friends or sharing your post. 

Answer any questions promptly and provide status updates throughout the contest timeline. Be responsive and personable in your communication. Thank everyone for their participation once the giveaway ends and announce the winner in a timely fashion. Remaining engaged with your audience helps strengthen the relationship. 

Analyze and Optimize for the Future

Once your Valentine’s Day giveaway wraps, be sure to analyze the results. Look at total entries, engagement rate, follower growth, and new follower demographics. What performed well and what could be improved next time? 

Collect user feedback too – this provides valuable insight into your audience’s preferences and what prizes they want to see more of. Take everything learned and apply it towards enhancing your next Instagram giveaway strategy. Continual optimization will ensure each new contest outperforms the last.


Running a successful Instagram giveaway takes creativity, strategic planning, and consistent engagement. Use these tips to help boost brand awareness and follower growth this Valentine’s season. Don’t forget to have fun with it too – Valentine’s Day is about spreading love after all. With a stellar prize, robust promotion, and simplified entry – your Valentine’s Day Instagram giveaway is sure to help strengthen customer connections.

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